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News from Hedgewitch House
Beltane News from Hedgewitch House
News from Hedgewitch House
Hedgewitch House news
News from Hedgewitch House


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News from Hedgewitch House

Hello Avalonians, and Merry Meet!
Well Imbolc is here again, isn't it comforting that no matter what you do, the Wheel of the Year always is turning, bringing new seasons, however they do seem to come round quickly these days!
Here at Hedgewitch House we are preparing Bridie Crosses to give to my loved ones and friends.  When they are completed I place them in my Chalice in the centre of the altar, and I ask for the Goddess to bless them.  It is very soothing making them,  placing my love into each one.

Beltane News from Hedgewitch House

Well here we are at Beltane, the magickal season of love and mayhem! 
Mayday is upon us, the Maiden Goddess has become the Goddess of Love, and She looks to the Hunter for Her mate; Cerrenunos the God of the Wildwood will watch with Her as the new morn awakens on 1st May.
Years ago young people would have stayed out all night on Beltane eve, so that they could gather the Hawthorn Blossom and be the first to bring it into the home, it must have been a magickal night of love, adventure and fun.

News from Hedgewitch House

Well here we are in the season of Bridie the Maiden Goddess! 
The Wheel of the Year turns so fast, or is it that I am getting old and time flies too quickly?! 
It is comforting however, that as the wheel turns the Goddess comes like an old friend visiting for a while, bringing special gifts, challenging us to change with the seasons.
Now at lmbolc, The Maiden Goddess, Brigit, takes back the black rod from the Calliach of Winter, and once in Her young hands it turns white.  Now She strikes the earth with Her white rod, and re-awakens the land from the cold dark days of deep Winter.

Hedgewitch House news

A happy 2013 to all Avalonians! 
Well here we are then we made it, the world didn't end on the 21st December!! But then we all knew this didn't we? 
However, there has been a shift in the energies and many of our friends faced new challenges and changes around this time, I wonder how many of you faced the same? 
We would like to hear your stories, please send them to us.
I faced a massive change days before; on 30th November my beloved Samcat was gathered by Cerridwen into the Summerlands.

News from Hedgewitch House

Just checked the blog page and realised that I haven't blogged for months!!
So, where does the time fly too??  Here we are days away from the Winter Solstice, and yet it seems as if it was only yesterday that we were celebrating Beltane.
As the Wheel of the Year constantly turns, it is comforting to know that the Lady is constantly watching over us in Her many guises, now as we move towards Yule, She grows older, She needs the resting period in the stillness of Winter in order to be renewed at Imbolc, when we welcome the first stirrings of Spring.

News from Hedgewitch House

Well here we are in July and the garden is a soggy quagmire!  No chance of holding any Moots or ceremonies outside! 
Iexpect I am not alone in getting fed up with the constant rain, and today I am sitting with a shawl around my shoulders, it's not only damp and miserable, but cold too. Will we ever have a Summer?
The Summer Solstice was three weeks ago, and in three weeks time we shall be celebrating Lammas the first harvest........ but I wonder if there will be a good harvest this year.

News from Hedgewitch House

Hello on the night of the full moon.  Hopefully the clouds will disappear and we may see Her in Her splendour tonight.
Isn't it funny how different the energies of the full Moon are, and the effect that they have?  Even if you can't see Her the energies are strong, not just during the night, but during the day too, and today has been no exception, the very air crackled with anticipation.
It is Beltane too, a time of love, and a time for hand fastings.  Mr. Muggle and I are to be Hand fasted on 12th May, we have been together for nearly 23 years,  married for 18 years, and now to celebrate my 60th year we are to exchange vows in the sight of the Goddess in a hand fasting ceremony.

News from Hedgewitch House

Well Spring is now really on its way.  The hedgerows are really beginning to come alive and the dawn chorus is a truly wonderful melody welcoming the rising Sun.  It is an exciting time of year, with the promise of long warm days to come and new life in the hedgerows.   The robins who live in our garden are very busy feeding their young, I know there is a nest here somewhere but I can't find it! 
I am preparing for tonight's Moot, the altar is looking so pretty, made ready to receive whatever people bring tonight to place on it as offerings to give thanks for the Spring.

News from Hedgewitch House

Hello Avalonians, and a Happy Spring Equinox!
We have been busy here at Hedgewitch House, Moots, Sabbat Ceremonies, Candle Magick Workshop, School of Witchcraft, and Magickal Herbs!  So much magick going on I expect that the sky above the house must crackle in the evening!!
It is to be expected as we come into the time of the Spring Equinox, when we start to energise ourselves as the Goddess energises the land. It is a time of new beginnings, to sweep away the old and begin the new!

Life at Hedgewitch House

I returned from Glastonbury a few days ago.  Spending a few days there re-awakens my soul and energises me, which is why I am confused that I should return with a cold! 
I had walked on the Somerset Levels, I had given my devotions to Bridie on Bridie's Mound, I had spent time in the Goddess Temple, and yet I have a cold and aches and pains and this is the time of Bridie's healing!
Sitting at my altar feeling more than a little miffed, I realised that perhaps this is Her way of showing me that there are much worse illnesses than my simple cold; how many people battle cancer every day?
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