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Avalonia School of Witchcraft
To Be A Witch
An eight week course in The Craft £120.00
Led by Christine Watts a self-initiated HedgeWitch & Priestess of the Goddess, Avalon.
You will be taken on a journey of self-discovery that will question your beliefs and your lifestyle, where you will be shown the beauty of the craft; the gifts of Nature and the ever changing face of the Goddess and her consort the Horned God.
During the course we shall take a group trip into Epping Forest to feel the elemental force of nature.
Alone, students will be required to meditate on the craft, and to explore nature in all her elements, in order to mentally prepare for self initiation.
Christine will offer you her continued support both during and after the course, and in return she will ask that you respect the craft, and fully commit to the requirements of the course.
At the ‘end of course celebration’, participants can self initiate if they chose and be welcomed into the growing Avalonia Family of fey folk.
Eight Weeks of Magic!
Christine also leads the following workshops.........
Introduction to Witchcraft
Featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

afternoon workshop that introduces you to Witchcraft, it's history and it's beliefs. And there will be some spells thrown in for good measure!
2 o'clock to 5.30 pm.   £25.00
Refreshments available.
Magickal Herbs Workshop
An afternoon workshop where you will learn about herbs, their magickal properties and how to use them. You will learn how herbs enhance spell work, and making pouches and infusions from Christine's intensive cupboard of over 100 herbs! 
2 o'clock to 5.30 pm.                     
£25 00
Refreshments available.

Featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine.
Make magick with candles.  You will learn how to cast spells and to scry with candles.              
2 o'clock to 5.30 pm.         £25.00
Refreshments available.
Contact Christine on 07778391925
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