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Become a Priestess or Priest of Andraste............
Now enrolling for 2017!

Starts October 2017.
Do you feel a strong connection to the Landscape of East Anglia?
Norfolk Goddess Temple are offering an Internet Correspondence 3 year training programme to become a Priest/ess of Andraste.
The first Spiral commence Samhain 2017.  The first year shall culminate in self initiation as a Brother/Sister of the Iceni,  the second year culminates in self initiation as Priest/ess of the Goddess,  and the 3rd and final year culminates in self initiation as Priest/ess of Andraste.
We shall be gathering in Norfolk twice a year during the first and second year, and three times during the forth year.
You will be trained by Priestessess of Avalon, who are endeavouring to create a Temple to the Goddess in Norfolk, and to bring the Goddess back to East Anglia.
In the first year you meet the Goddesses on the Wheel of Andraste. Andraste is the ancient Goddess worshiped in East Anglia, and Her supporting Goddesses from Anglo/Celtic and Norse Pantheons. getting to know them, their attributes, their totem animals and their myths, over eight assignments.
In the second year, over eight assignments, you will deepen your connection to the Goddesses of the Wheel of Andraste and to develop your Priestessing skills further, including some magickal and herbal work.
The third and final year will be a time of personal development and deeper connection to the Goddess, with daily devotions and journeys into Her temple.
Please contact Christine for more information, or to discuss the course.
Course fee;-
Registration £25.00 refundable if you chose not to train.
Followed by eight payments of £25.00 at each assignment.
Unwaged?  Low income?  Talk to us and we will discuss a very good reduction in fees!
Telephone 07778 391925

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