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The Avalonia School of Shamanism
Led  by Martin, our experienced Shaman.
Shamanism is the oldest way in which humanity has sought connection with nature, with the earth, with themselves, with the spirit within all living things, and with the forces which weave these things one to another.
The archaeological origins of Shamanism go back at least 30 – 40,000 years to Stone Age times and it has been, and still is, practised world - wide, from the America’s to Africa, from Siberia to Australia, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, Ancient Britain and across Europe to Tibet and Japan.  It is true to say we are all descended from shamanic cultures.  Shamanism is not imported; it is our roots wherever we live.
The word ‘Shaman’ comes from the Tungus people of the Lake Baikal region of Russia, it has no direct English translation, but means something like ‘one who works with heat’ and over time it has become a convenient label used by writers and anthropologists to describe anyone, male or female, who works with the spirits, be they human, animal, plant or mineral in this and other realms to bring help, advice and healing and to correct imbalances in people and communities. 
Shamanism is the way our own ancestors saw the world and, deep down, it remains part of our own nature, even today, when modern life can make the spiritual world seem remote, people still pick up pine cones or sea shells and marvel at the colours of a rainbow.  There is an instinctive human need to wonder about the world and to communicate with it.
A spiritual awareness of the world, a respectful acknowledgement of its aliveness is known as animism.  Animists believe that a mountain has a spirit, that the earth has spirit and so does a tree.  They may speak to a thunderstorm or a river; they may talk to a rock.  Animism is the root of all the spiritual traditions on earth, and it is this awareness and belief that the world is alive with spirits and spiritual energy, which may be called on for help and guidance, that lies at the heart of Shamanism, both ancient and modern.
Shamanic Healing
Shamanism teaches us that there is a web of life or energy that connects all beings, be they human, animal, plant or mineral.  Throughout history, people have acknowledged the existence of this universal energy force by many names ‘Prana, Chi, Animu, Chula, Medicine’ or simply ‘Spirit’.  This energy influences all aspects of our being, it is the spark that illuminates our spiritual potential, our bodies’ energy field, and that colours our aura.
This energy or ‘life – force’ connects us to the world we live in, weaving the fabric of  life seamlessly together and we are part of this vast web of energy patterns.
This energy influences all aspects of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and problems may arise if the flow of this energy becomes blocked or unbalanced, leading to dis-harmony and ‘dis-ease’.
Shamanic healing is all about finding ways to balance and ‘free up’ this energy by using vibratory forces such as crystals, herbs, dowsing, light and sound, also those naturally occurring forms like feathers, which mimic the free flow of energy, and by working with guides and helpers from the spirit realms, to make positive changes to the individual and to harmonise vital energies and give support to the body’s own self – healing and regulatory systems.
Whether the problem is simply a build - up of negative energy due to the stresses of everyday life or ‘dis – eases’ such as insomnia, anxiety attacks,  migraine, period pain and P.M.T. or deeper issues such as ‘soul loss’ due to trauma or long term illness, Shamanic healing provides a set of spiritual and energy therapies to aid and strengthen those aspects of an individual and which can be used to complement other traditional and modern treatments to help bring health and well – being to the whole person.
Indeed today in many indigenous cultures, Shamans and Physicians work together to provide help and healing.
Shamanic Workshop
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