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The Samhain Goddess  Preview

Samhain, commonly known as Halloween, it is the eve of All Hallows Day, or the eve of All Saints Day; 31 October.

For Pagans Autumn begins at Samhain and it heralds the new year.

It is a time of death and decay, plants begin to die as the earth begins it’s sleep in order for it to be renewed, animals begin to prepare to hibernate, and the nights begin to draw in.  Fallen leaves decay on the ground, and mists creep across the fields, bringing an ethereal feel to the world.  We too begin to draw within ourselves, we look back at the year that is dying, we take stock, we see what we no longer need in our lives, what no longer serves us. 

Spirits will be amongst us as the veil between this world and the Underworld is at its thinnest so we are able to glimpse this otherworld and its inhabitants at this time. 

The Dark Mother comes at Samhain and stays through Yule until Imbolc. 

She has many names:- Nolava the Crone, Sheela na Gig, The Beansidhe, Lilith, Hecate, Persephone, The Cailleach, The Hag, The Morrigan, Isis, Kali, Hella and Skadi. 

On the Wheel of Britannia we call Her Cerridwen the Crone: - the bringer of death, transformation and rebirth.

She is the Queen of the Underworld: - an old cackling hag living in Her cave, brooding over Her cauldron, surrounded by bats, spiders and toads! 

Clothed in black, Her old sow by Her side, Her Hawk on Her shoulder.......Is She the Grandmother with the knowledge of the ancestors, or the Wicked Witch of fairy tales, the stuff of nightmares?

Copyright  Christine Watts

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