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The Norfolk Goddess Temple
At Samhain 2013, a group of people led by Priest Adam held a meeting in Norwich to facilitate a Temple for the Goddess in Norfolk.
Christine was invited by Adam to join them, (Adam and Christine trained together in Glastonbury) she is now the UK ambassador for the Temple.
A committee has been formed, and already fund-raising activities, events and workshops have been held.
The aim is to raise funds to eventually purchase a Temple dedicated to the Goddess.  
Norfolk is rich in agriculture and history; 
the Goddess Andraste was worshipped by Boudicca and the Iceni Tribe.  

The Goddess Andraste
Boudicca would release a live hare before battle, as an offering to Andraste.
We will therefore worship Andraste in the Temple when it is created.
Here in Chingford on the borders of Epping Forest, there once was a Sacred Grove to Andraste, and Boudicca camped in Epping Forest after defeating the Romans in St Albans, and London.   Here she was defeated.
Boudicca leading the Iceni Tribe
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