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Witchy/Pagan Moots
We are a mixed group, of Witches, Druids, Shamans, and those interested in all strands of Paganism.
We have differing rituals, stories, craft evenings, sometimes we have guest speakers, sometimes we have a mediation, or even a quiz!  Always we send healing.
After our ceremony we put the kettle on, sit together with food brought to share, and have a good chat!
We welcome all and all are welcome, everyone is encouraged to lead the rites, or read their stories and poems, or to completely facilitate the evening!
Our Samhain Altar

Sabbat Moots
At the Sabbats we hold a more structured moot of ritual and ceremony for the Season in the changing Wheel of the Year.
As in our monthly Moots, afterwards we put the kettle on, sometimes we have a feast as the Sabbats are very important and a time of feasting and celebrating.
Everyone is encouraged to take part, or to facilitate the evening.

Our Mabon Altar.
Our Beltane Altar

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