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Handfastings are the equivalent to weddings.  Couples can promise to handfast for a year and a day,or forever and a day!
We can arrange any service you desire, Witchcraft Ceremony.  Goddess Ceremony.  Shamanic Ceremony. 
The vows are written by the couple, and cords are tied around their hands, thereby tying the knot!
Here at Avalonia we can offer help and advice for those seeking to handfast.
We can also perform the ceremonies;-
Christine our Hedgewitch is a Priestess of Witchcraft, and a Priestess of the Goddess of Avalon, she can conduct the ceremony and handfast the couple.
Our Shaman Martin can perform Shamanic ceremonies if preferred, or give the couple a Shamanic Blessing.
Our Adrian, who is studying to be a Druid, and our Witch members, can call the quarters, and create sacred space and circle for the ceremony.
We can also arrange dress making for that special gown, male and female!  Flowers, headdresses, candles,blended oils and incenses, and the all important broomstick to be jumped over!
In short, we can be Handfasting Planners!!!!
Please contact Christine on
Telephone 07591023074
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