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Connecting with the Goddess 
Four all day workshops celebrating the Goddess 
at the four major Sabbats.
Led by Christine Watts,  Priestess of the Goddess, of Avalon.
Trained at the Goddess Temple, Glastonbury.
£40.00. Refreshments available all day, lunch provided.
These workshops will widen your knowledge of the changing face of the Goddess.  Each workshop is individually designed, so you can attend as few or as many as you wish!
This is not exclusive to women; all will be welcome to explore the major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.
Cerridwen the Crone Goddess. 
23rd October 2016

Keeper of the Cauldron, and bringer of death, transformation and rebirth.
We learn Cerridwen’s myths. Her qualities and Her totem animals.
We celebrate the Crone in history. We discuss how we view age and our ancestors.  We will brew our own ‘elixir’ and make incense to honour the Crone.  Finally we make our own ceremony to                                                                    honour the Crone.

Brigit the Maiden Goddess. 
8th February 2017

We learn Brigit’s stories. Her qualities and Her totem animals.
We celebrate Her innocence and find inspiration from Her gifts.
We make Bridie dolls and Bridie’s eye’s and Crosses. 
We create a healing ceremony.
Rhiannon the Lover Goddess
30th April 2017
We made masks to honour Rhiannon.
The Masks that we made for Rhiannon.
The Beltane Goddess of love and sensuality.
We learn Rhiannon’s stories, her totem animals, and her qualities.  We explore our attitudes to ‘fallen women’. We make headdresses.  We create a joyful celebration.
Ker the Mother Goddess.
6th August 2017

We made corn dollies to place on our altar for Ker.
The Lady of the harvest and abundance.
We explore Her totem animals, Her qualities and Her stories.
We discuss abundance, wealth and prosperity.
We make corn dollies.
We create a ceremony giving offerings of Her bounty.

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