Avalonia Centre - Company Message
The Avalonia Centre is a non-profit making organisation, founded by Joanne Hooper in 2010.
Our aim is to bring the understanding of paganism to all who are interested in an alternative view of life and spiritualism. We believe that the spirit of nature lives in all of us as we celebrate each season as the wheel of the year turns.  
We have regular monthly Moots and Meetings to celebrate the Sabbats.
We also run a variety of Workshops covering many areas from Tarot to Witchcraft, Shamanism to Aromatherapy, and Goddess Spirituality.
We have two schools run by experts with a passion for their field; 
Martin's school of Shamanism.
Christine's school of Witchcraft.
Priestess of Avalon, Christine facilitates
Priestess of Cerridwen Training and
Priestess of Andraste Training
in conjunction with the Norfolk Goddess Temple.
Ceremonies Conducted by
Christine, Priestess of the Goddess, Avalon,
Handfastings, Namings and Passings.

Telephone 07591023074
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